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Our goal is to help every Canadian small business cut through the complexity of Human Resources (HR) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can EasyHR help my small business?

We are your human resources (and more) team - right at your desk. We handle the employee documentation, provide unlimited expert advice and ongoing support for all things HR, Health & Safety, Payroll and Recruitment related.

For small businesses, it's rarely cost effective or necessary to hire a full time HR person, or even an expensive employment lawyer. That said, you still need someone with people and legislation expertise to guide your business in the right direction.

What sets EasyHR apart from the rest?

Our business was created to help you cut through complexity, that means delivering the service you want. With us you can now have your HR, health & safety and payroll all under one roof. Choose from some or all of the services we offer. Our flexible model means that you can build a service which works for your business.

What experience does your team have?

Our founding team has 20+ years of experience in small business HR and OHS. Most importantly, the founding team have owned and operated businesses of their own - we know what it feels like to experience the highs, the lows and growing pains of going it on your own. We admire small businesses and want to encourage their growth!

Do I get a dedicated advisor? 

It's no surprise that our clients love interacting with the same person each time. Where possible you will always be assigned to your advisor - a personal connection who understands how you run your business.

How does your pricing work? 

EasyHR has a flexible monthly subscription model designed for small businesses. We quote based on the number of staff you have, which elements of the service you require and a couple of other factors. Give us a call and we'll be happy to talk you through it in a bit more detail.

Which industries do you support?

Businesses in each and every industry can benefit from our services. Whether you have a high growth start up, a construction business with lots of moving parts or own a small retail store, we will cater to build our service around your niche.

My business only has one or two employees - is EasyHR a good fit?

Yes absolutely. For a couple of reasons.

1. The number of staff you have factors into how we price our services. We want to encourage the growth of your business, so you will only pay for the number of staff you have at the time of coming on board with us.

For example, if you have 5 employees at the time of joining us and grow to 30, we will continue to base your service costs on 5 employees for as long as you decide to stay with us.

2. It's much easier to have HR documentation in place before you hire your first members of staff. We can arrange a flexible payment agreements which caters to your needs.

I'm currently experiencing an employee relations issue, what should I do? 

Always speak with an expert (that's us) - get in touch on 1-888-305-0102. We've heard a lot of different employee relations challenges in our time, so chances are we can let you know what others in your industry are doing and you can walk away feeling more confident.

We protect your business from day one.

Our client onboarding process is simple and educational

Say hello 👋

Set up a time for an informal discussion about your business and your current HR processes. We created EasyHR to simplify the rules and make your provincial legislation work for you.

At this stage we want to share what works well for businesses in your industry and see if we might be a good fit for your business.


Thinking about coming on board? 💡

Great! We are very flexible when it comes to creating a package that works for your business. We like à la carte - it means you get exactly what you need.

We will consult with you and any other decision makers to present the options which work with your business.


Welcome to EasyHR 🎉

When you sign up with us you will be assigned a dedicated advisor who will perform a complete analysis of your HR and OHS processes (if you don't have any yet, don't worry) and be your go to for expert advice and employee documentation.

Our proactive approach means that from day one you are already better protected.


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