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How does EasyHR+ work?

Get hands on HR help from an industry expert. Looking for an HR professional for a set number of hours per week?  organizational design or culture project you're working on? Let us get you in touch.

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Speak with one of our EasyHR+ experts about the scope of your project, or tell us what you need that HR person to do in your organization. We'll advise you of the best solution.


Find your best fit

We care about finding a person that's right for your company. We will send you our bios of the best people for the job. We can also schedule a time to get to know our EasyHR+ consultants directly.


Roadmap and implementation

Although you will have access to your chosen HR specialist. We will welcome you on board with a client account number and a personal point of contact for any concerns.

The implementation and timeline will be up to you and the consultant, but our team are always there to support you and check in to see how things are coming along.

Could an executive HR professional help you grow your business?

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EasyHR+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is EasyHR+?

Simply put, EasyHR+ is a service where you can hire an HR executive with experience in your industry. EasyHR+ executive HR personnel are available for a number of hours per week (fractional HR), or for the design and implementation of a specific HR project.

What type of business is EasyHR+ useful for?

We have a range of senior consultants with experience in most industries. For example, a business with 20+ employees that is experiencing rapid growth might opt to use an HR person for 20 hours per week. EasyHR+ provides the value of an industry expert without the liability of hiring an employee full-time.

Do I get to choose who I work with?

Yes, absolutely! After an initial discovery meeting we will send you the bios of the HR consultants that are best suited to you. We send you a range of options where possible and we can schedule a call with the consultants that make your shortlist.

What is the cost of EasyHR+?

Our EasyHR+ solutions are bespoke and their cost depends on a variety of factors. Simply give us a call and talk us through your current project, we'll be happy to discuss some options.

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