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One on One Consultations

Strategic HR sessions that
lead to practical outcomes.

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Address your HR challenges with
an expert.

We start protecting your business from day one



Our sessions are interactive, educational and all about your business. We show you the gaps and grey areas in your HR and OHS process and impart some industry best practices.



We work closely with you business model to minimize risk and introduce a expert HR advice and employee documentation like contracts, policies and letters.



Our experienced team will get to work on the timed roll out of your new HR and OHS initiatives. EasyHR's Implementation happens in clear and manageable phases. Whenever you have an HR issue, you now have your own team on hand!

Get protected from
the first conversation.

Personalized HR and Occupational health & safety consultations with the leaders of your organization.

In depth analysis of your HR and OHS processes and procedures.

Employee contract and company policy review.

Virtual health and safety walkthrough.

Proactive check-ins and legislation updates to minimize the chance of introducing risk.

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