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Keeping businesses and their employees safe is what EasyHR does best.

Whether you own and operate a small retail store, or a construction business with lots of moving parts, we make it easy to implement are liable health and safety system that complies with OHSA law.

Get the help you need, when you need it

Our industry experts give you the tools to keep your people safe on the job. No matter how simple or complex your question, your experienced EasyHR advisor is just a call or e-mail away.

Prevent incidents before they happen

Workplace injuries and accidents directly impact your company and employees. Our customized safety documentation keeps your business compliant with the law and reduces the risk of a costly workplace accident or injury occurring.

Get your employees up to speed

Since OHS training is required by law, your current and new employees need to have access to mandatory training. We guide you through the must haves when it comes to training your staff on health & safety requirements.

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Access our client advice line and get the answer to any health & safety related question

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Building health & safety documents from scratch takes time and expertise. Let us handle the paperwork.



Our goal is to find out where the risks are in your small business and implement required health and safety policies and procedures to reduce and prevent those risks.



Finding the resources and the time to train your staff can be overwhelming.